About us

Since 2013, Prairie Road Ironworks has been a fabricator and erector of various steelwork. Specializing in Architectural Metals, Ornamental Metalwork, Railing, and Miscellaneous Metals. Our facility is growing every year with the latest in technology, enhancing our ability to meet the rigorous demands of any project that comes our way. Located in Linn Kansas, Prairie Road Ironworks is promptly available to provide its expertise to any project in any location nationwide. We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to your project.

In 2019, Prairie Road Ironworks expanded in multiple stages. PRI Equipment began, offering Agriculture Attachments, Equipment, and Auger Liners. Then in November, Prairie Road Ironworks purchased the patent and rights to manufacture the Uhlik Repeater Live Traps. These traps are known worldwide for their ability to catch multiple animals in one night. Specializing in Rat Traps, we also offer Cat and Raccoon Traps.

And most recently, we've expanded into the Customizable Cooler market and are excited to grow and compete with our one of a kind PRI Coolers! With PRI's printing capabilities, we design our coolers with YOU in mind. We can print business logos, brands or whatever you would like on your cooler lid.