Uhlik Repeater Live Traps

The #1 live repeating traps for small to large sized rodents. If you are looking for the most effective and humane method to solve your pest problem, then the Uhlik Repeater Trap is the solution you are looking for.



Safely and Humanely Eliminate Your Rat, Raccoon, Feral Cat and other Pest Infestation Today!

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Why choose Uhlik?


All our traps are made from high-quality galvanized metal, so you can be sure our products will last.


Our rat traps require minimal assembly, and the only tools needed are 1/4” and 5/16” nut sockets. 


Making Uhlik Repeater Traps a great investment that can help you capture pests as long as you need them to.


This latch mechanism resets the trap door after capturing the animal, preventing it from escaping and getting the trap ready to catch the next pest.

Uhlik Repeater Rat Traps
Don’t let rats control your property any longer. Deal with pests the humane way with our Uhlik Repeater Traps. Take action and place your order today!
Uhlik Repeater Feral Cat Traps
If you’re struggling with the presence of feral or stray cats in your neighborhood and are looking for a way to humanely deal with them, look no further than our repeater feral cat traps.
Uhlik Repeater Raccoon Traps
Order Uhlik Repeater Raccoon Traps today to solve your raccoon infestation problem and ensure your local wildlife is treated with compassion.

"The Best Rat Trap I Have Ever Tested."

See why Shawn Woods (Mousetrap Monday) calls the Uhlik Repeater Trap the best he's tested...

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Worth the money

"I wanted to say how happy I am with the squirrel/rat live trap. Every bit worth the money. I live in a suburban area and enjoy feeding the local birds. And have a serious squirrel problem, I've lost count but we are above 60+ catches. Thanks a bunch!"


Michael M.

Clinton Township, MI

Glad I did

"Your trap is amazing!! I must say that I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on a $200+ rat trap, but boy am I glad I did. This trap is worth every penny, we caught 29 rats in a day and half and had no idea we had that many!"


Bill R.

President, RV Upgrades

Beyond glad!

"We ordered one of the rat repeater traps from you guys, since we got it we have caught 24 rats in three nights!! We have chickens and the food attracted the rats to our barn and was affection our livestock. We are beyond glad we made this purchase!"


Autri P.

North Carolina

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Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap
Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap
Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap
Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap
Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap
Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap

Uhlik Repeater Live Cat Trap

To TNR a feral cat, simply set out one of our large repeater traps designed specifically for cats. The bait tray triggers a trap door, capturing the cat. Our traps are reusable, and the patented Multi-Catch latch mechanism resets itself, so it can catch and hold between three to five cats at once, making them an efficient use of resources and time.


  1. What's the average turn around time to ship?
    Product typically ships within 1-5 business days. 
  2. What other types of rodents can the rat trap this catch?
    The Uhlik Repeater Trap is ideal for rats, squirrels, ground squirrels, and other similiar sized rodents. Please note this trap will not catch mice as they do not weigh enough to trigger the trap door. 
  3. What are the dimensions and weights?
    The Rat Trap - Weighs 35lbs and is 32x16x22"
    The Cat Trap - Weighs 40lbs and is 30x20x30"
    The Raccoon Trap - Weighs 75lbs and is 36x26x48"
  4. Is assembly required?
    Some minor assembly is required; drill with 5/16" hex bit is needed; assembly takes about 10 minutes
  5. Where do you currently ship?
    Currently we ship to the U.S. and Canada. If you are located outside of our current shipping area, please contact us directly to discuss purchase options. 

Pest Problem?


can cause significant damage to your home and equipment as well as potentially contaminate your food or the food or your pets – leading to the spread of disease. 

 When rats invade your property and start to settle in, they leave a scent trail – letting other rodents know that it is a safe place to call their new home. It’s important to get ahead of the problem before infestation occurs.


Feral Cats

populations can carry infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis or cat scratch fever, both of which can affect humans. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that has been linked to causing deafness, seizures, schizophrenia and other diseases. 

Feral cats can also sometimes prey on endangered species of birds and other mammals, causing serious ecological issues.



can be a nuisance by tipping over your trash cans, destroying your garden or crops and damaging your home’s insulation, wood, shingles, wall or electrical wiring. Raccoons are also a major carrier of rabies, raccoon roundworm or another disease.  


Other Rodents and Pests

such as squirrles, can be a nuisance and get into places they’re not wanted and reproduce constantly, increasing the pest population and exacerbating problems.

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